SWAP + BRA Drive on 4/51/14

Good afternoon Friends!

Have you seen everyone posting the Red X to their status lately? Do you wonder what that means or how you can personally make a difference in someone’s life?  Well the Red X stands for putting an end to Human/ Sex Trafficking around the world. Millions of people particularly young women (children by our standards are being sold and traded as slaves….. yes this is still rampant in the year 2014). Sometimes I get so caught up my own world of raising boys, car lines, baseball games, what’s for dinner, how can I loose 20 pounds…. that I forget about a world suffering and fighting for their freedom to live. When I do think about it, my heart hurts, my eyes well up with tears, I think wish I could help and then I get sidetracked with laundry. It the past year the Lord has done awesome things in the Knoxville Community with SWAP and my heart runs over. But guess what ladies…. while we are cleaning out closets, go ahead and clean out your bra drawer. Then call your friends and family too! On April 5th we are going to partner with Free The Girls and host a bra drive at the Clothing SWAP. Our gently used BRAS can provide an income and a way to freedom for people around the globe. Check out this website and impact Free The Girls Org is making in the fight against Human Trafficking.

Will you help us make a difference from Knoxville to Mozambique? More details to come!!


Let the Spring Cleaning Begin

1. Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 5th for the Family Style Clothing SWAP

2. Tell your friends!  

3. Scour your closets!  What is taking up precious space? 

Reduce Waste – Give with Grace – Refresh Your Space


Thanks Allie!


We want to send out our love to Allie Spillyards and WVLT for supporting SWAP again.  We are looking forward to this extra special community event.

Here are some helpful hints!

- Location: Knoxville Christian School – 11549 Snyder Rd, Knoxville, TN (5 minutes from Turkey Creek shopping)
- Drop off: 8:00am-12:00pm
- $15.00 event fee – covers cost to run and adv. event
- Receive your SWAP credit based on # of items you bring
- Go have lunch while we sort everything by category
- Dress comfortable and bring a vehicle that can haul your treasure
- Bring your shopping bags and maybe a wagon or beach cart!
- SWAP: 1:00pm-3:00pm (might want to get in line a little early)
- When doors open pick out what you need!
- Don’t forget those Upcycle Pinterest ideas you want to try
- Remember unswapped items benefit local families in need!


Start CLEANING out your house today for Saturday, OCT 12th!  This time we are swapping most things for your home. So go on, get creative!  If you don’t love it or you are not using it….. LET IT GO!  Start gathering furniture, drapes, curtain rods, frames, seasonal decor, linens in great shape, lamps, small working electrics, mason jars, serving dishes, wreaths, garden pots, head boards, windows, Christmas trees….. these are just thoughts to get your brain going!   Do plan to bring your wagon for shopping.  Remember everything that is not SWAPPED will benefit local families in need.

More Details to Come!

Saturday, October 12th


Knoxville Christian School (2 minutes off Campbell Station Exit)

drop off begins at 8:00am

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Save the Date!

Date: Saturday, July 20th

Location: Deane Hill Recreation Center (Just past West Town Mall)

7400 Deane Hill Drive 37919

City of KnoxvilleDeane Hill Recreation Center

Clothing Drop Off Time: 8:00 AM -11:00 AM

SWAP: Doors will open @ 1:00PM- 3:00PM

Cost: $15.00 (covers the cost of rent, advertising, and running event)

Limit: 40 items per person (in order to facilitate everyone’s items in a timely fashion)

What to bring: All sizes of Women’s, Men’s, & Children’s Clothing including Shoes and Accessories.  No jewelry, undergarments, toys or household items.  More details on “What to Bring” page.

Any questions: Call Tisha @ 865.406.4446

SWAP Round 2

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to be in the planning stages of another SWAP.  Currently we are praying for a date and location (large open space, central location, parking, a heart for the community and budget friendly) Our goal time frame is Mid-July.  We know for certain we are Swapping Family Style for round two.  Yep,  that’s right… Women’s, Mens and  KID’s!!!  It will be a crazy fun day and we will need an army of vols!    We would love to find a few sponsors to help host our event.  We are beyond grateful for any of your suggestions!

As soon as we have the details we will let you know.

God Bless – Tisha & Katy


SWAP with us THIS weekend!

March 16th at 9:00 am

in the

Rothchild’s Baron Ballroom

Start cleaning out your closets today!

Click on Event Details tab for more info

Please spread the word. More SWAPPERS = More Choices

Reduce Waste. Give with Grace. Refresh your Space.

Register early online by March 14th and save $2.00 off registration

Go to: http://swap-savvy.eventbrite.com

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